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Caddy Up


Over the past couple over days I have spend some actual effort getting this site to a state where I can make posts with reasonable ease. This is a significant improvement over having to the write each page manually in HTML.

I have switched web server software from NGINX to Caddy. Caddy offers some major quality of life features over NGINX, which can be clearly read in it's feature list, but I personally chose Caddy for a few reasons; It provides automatic serving of content over HTTPS with auto certificate renewal against LetsEncrypt. It has integrated features for serving static content, such as Markdown documents with inbuilt templating. It's written in Go, a programming language I enjoy writing in and feel most comfortable with.

For someone familiar with setting up NGINX or Apache services, the Caddyfile init script should feel a breeze to work with, given its simple syntax. I would highly recommend you try Caddy on your next small server project.